About Our Team

A while back, three guys from different states were shooting the breeze and the topic of bass fishing came up. One was from Texas, one was from California, and one hailed from Kentucky. All three missed their home lakes, but they started comparing notes on how to catch bass in the lakes and rivers near their new hometown outside Atlanta, GA.

That conversation has lasted 2 years, and it’s still going on!

One of those guys is me. I started fishing for bass when I was a kid growing up outside Houston. Some of the bass fishing techniques I brought with me from my 20 years of fishing in Texas worked great in my new home waters. A few approaches needed tweaking to produce as well as they did back home. My two buddies came to similar conclusions about their tried and true techniques.

What we’ve discovered is that there are some universal truths about bass fishing that can help fisherman in any location catch bass consistently. There are lures and techniques that are right for certain conditions, as well as factors that require on-the-water adjustments.

The three of us decided to create this site to share our fishing knowledge with anglers all over the country.

Our goal is to provide you with the kind of practical fishing advice you’d get from a seasoned local tackle shop owner (think more Joe’s Bait & Tackle, less WalMart). Our articles are intended to give you as many old-school tips as possible, while also keeping you informed about the latest techniques.

We also want to be your guide in the sometimes-confusing world of fishing tackle! The recreational fishing industry is booming, and tackle manufacturers put a lot of effort into providing every type of rod, reel, line, and lure you can imagine.

Too many choices can make for difficult decisions, but we apply our combined fishing experience to give you informed advice on what to buy. You’ll find tips for selecting technique-specific rods and reels, and suggestions regarding the best lures choices, including size and color selection.

We want to put new anglers on a fast track to fishing success and provide experienced fisherman with some valuable insights they might not have thought of.

Whatever part of the country you’re in, whether you fish in tree-lined ponds or sprawling reservoirs, we want to be your best resource for advice on effective fishing techniques and the tackle you’ll need on the water!