Best Collapsable Fishing Rods in 2019

Portability is a useful feature in almost anything, from lawn chairs to rocket launchers. Advancements in technology have enabled manufactures to make all sorts of items more compact and portable. Fishing rods are no exception. Tackle producers have put a great deal of effort into developing new models of portable fishing rods and improving on their design and construction.

Most portable rods are like normal rods that have been divided into more sections than usual. The sections can be easily collapsed for when you’re traveling and then extended when it time to start fishing. When you buy a collapsible fishing rod, you can get all the features you’d expect in a standard rod, but in a convenient, collapsible form.

Taking all the important facts into account, we’ve reviewed the top collapsible fishing rods and put all the information here in a convenient buyer’s guide. This information is based on the needs of average fishermen. We’ve done our own research, read hundreds of customer reviews, and asked the opinion of our expert colleagues, all to help you select the right collapsible fishing rod.

Best Collapsible Rods: Summary

#1st Rated
Plusinno Telescopic Rod & Reel Combo

The Plusinno Telescopic Spinning Combo is the perfect rig for you. The rod is strong and durable, the reel has a smooth operation, and the two components are perfectly matched to go together. You even get a tackle kit with lures that work for all types of fishing with the carrier bag and line.

#2nd Rated
Sougayilang Telescopic Rod & Reel Combo

The Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod is a very travel-friendly rod. If you’re headed out for a hike or going camping, this rod is a must-have item. We included it in our round-up of collapsible rods because of its high quality and stellar performance on the water. This rod also comes with a whole kit including lures, reel, line and a bag.

Collapsible Fishing Rods - Full Review

With so many great collapsible rods available, choosing the best one for you might seem like a tough chore. We want to make it easier for you, so we created this review of the top-rated collapsible fishing rods on the market.

We broke it down into two price categories, so it will be easier for you to factor your budget into the decision. Will all this valuable information about collapsible rods in one place, you’ll be able to pick the right rod in no time!

Plusinno Telescopic Rod & Reel Combo Kit


Plushino Rod is features a carbon fiber and fiberglass blank that make it strong.


Carbon fiber makes this rod and reel combo extremely lightweight.


Only $34.99 for this amazing rod and reel combo make it a great deal

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

The Plusinno Telescopic Spinning Rod features a carbon fiber and fiberglass blank that makes it remarkably strong. The unique construction results in a tough rod that’s durable and has the power to handle big fish.

This rod has the perfect action for fishing all types of lures. Whether you’re fishing in freshwater or salt water, the Plusinno Telescopic Spinning Rod will give you the versatility you need.

A stainless steel hooded reel seat resists corrosion, and the EVA grip is so comfortable you’ll be able to fish all day and into the night. All that in a rod that collapses down into a very portable size—you can’t go wrong!

And what about the reel? The reel that’s included with this combo is top-shelf equipment. It features instant anti-reverse and powerful drive gears that can handle fighting fish with ease. The precision machined spool is deep, allowing for a large line capacity, and it’s aluminum construction helps keep the reel light.

You also get a tackle kit packed with carefully selected hooks, swivels, and lures that will let you present the right bait in all kinds of fishing conditions.

Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod


Constructed of high density 24 ton carbon fiber & E-Glass composite.


Carbon fiber makes this rod extremely lightweight.


Only $34.99 for this amazing lightweight rod make it a great deal

Overall rating : 4.5 / 5

Sougayilang packed a lot of great features into their Telescoping Spinning Rods. They’re constructed of high-density, 24 ton carbon fiber and E-Glass composite, a pairing that gives the rod great power and sensitivity. Light weight and perfectly balanced, this rod causes less fatigue, so you can fish all day.

The reel seat is made of machined aluminum for a solid connection. The high-quality stainless-steel guides are carefully welded in three places for durability. The guides also have ceramic inserts, so your line shoots through with ease, whether you’re using braid, mono, or fluorocarbon.

This rod is saltwater ready, with corrosion resistant components, and it has the power to handle larger saltwater fish. It’s also great for freshwater fishing in any lake or river.

Sougayilang Telescopic Rods collapse easily to fit in your car trunk, boat hatch, or backpack. With one of these rods, you’ll never have to say, “Gee, I wish I had my rod with me!”

Benefits of a Telescopic Collapsible Rod

A lot of recreation anglers have a “fish anytime, anywhere” approach to their chosen hobby. Fishing is so much fun (some might even say addictive), that it has a way of taking over our priorities. When you see a chance to fish, you want to jump on it! The trouble is, you might not always have your rod and reel with you. A collapsible rod can solve that problem. They’re so incredibly easy to carry around, you can have your rig with you and ready to go any time.


Portability—A collapsible rod is easier to transport, whether you’re carrying it in your car, onto a plane, or in your backpack as you hike into a remote area.


Easy Set-up—You won’t be fumbling around with a bunch of loose rod sections before you start fishing. The telescoping feature of these rods makes switching them from their collapsed size to their fully extend length super easy.


Storage—When not in use, a collapsible rod won’t take up a lot of space in your house or apartment. Just toss it in a drawer in the garage or the back of a closet, and you won’t have to deal with a bulky rod that’s in the way all the time.

Buying Advice

The two main factors you should consider when selecting a collapsible rod are your fishing style and your budget. Mostly because of size differences, some of the rods we discussed would be better for saltwater use, while others would be best for freshwater fishing. Figure out where you’ll fish most often, then pick the rod that’s best for those conditions and that also fits your budget.

Final Verdict

If you’re still having trouble deciding which collapsible rod to buy, think about the conventional (full size) rods that you or other people use when fishing in your area. Make note of the length and action of the rods, and then take a closer look at the information provided here. In this group of ten collapsible rods, you’ll be able to find one the matches the features of a normal, non-collapsible rod, and that’s a great way to decide which collapsible rod to buy.